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The resilient and containerizable factory


Cybertron, the factory as a service

Cybertron is the story of a shift: from a software start-up to industry from new generation, from a tool created to support industry to the desire to deeply transform itself with a new approach to production. The Cybertron project integrates a range of on-demand production services based on a factory organised in islands, modular and containerisable, the “mini-factories”. This independent island design allows for the adaptability that is essential for resilience. These units, which can be transported as close as possible to the customer, can be used to meet one-off production needs and also to deploy pilot 3D printing lines under industrial conditions. The FastRepro service accompanies the design of the parts to be produced, and the entire Vistory offer is controlled by its MainChain operating system for fully secure distributed production. The first factory will be fully operational in 2024, in Bourges, France.

Cybertron, solution pour la production à la demande
Cybertron, produire au plus près du besoin
Producing as closely as possible to the need

With Cybertron, entrust your punctual productions to a factory located in the heart of the country, or have the production unit come to you, configured according to your needs and requirements, which will enable you to fulfil your orders while limiting your investments.

Cybertron, éprouver un nouveau procédé de production
To experience a new production process

Cybertron supports the integration of additive manufacturing into your industrial process by providing a complete 3D printing production unit, as close as possible to your factory, allowing you to test its performance in a real industrial, secure and controlled environment.

Cybetron, intégrer une nouvelle façon de produire
Integrating a new way of producing

On-demand production and distributed production are key challenges for the relocation of manufacturing. Vistory assists manufacturers in the transition to this new approach. FastRepro, the feasibility, MainChain, the management and security, Cybertron, the operational implementation.


Customer benefits

Bringing production closer to the need obviously has many advantages when one considers the problems of supplying raw materials, mechanical and electronic components,… since the Covid crisis. Cybertron provides a secure response, agile and relocated to the obsolescence of industrial products and systems.

On-demand producing, as close as possible to the customer

Cybertron, through the supply of a production unit or via its secure distributed production network, makes on-demand production possible. Freed from transport constraints, production is carried out upon request.

Test and adjust your production tool with flexibility before acquisition

With its independent and transportable production units, you benefit from a real-life test environment right in your facility. The complete handling of the unit, over a sufficient period of time, will allow you to validate your industrial choices before their deployment.

Meeting an operational production emergency

Additive manufacturing allows unavailable parts to be manufactured faster than through conventional means. Cybertron provides its production units for their manufacture.

Reduce your carbon footprint and improve your financial performance

The Cybertron project contributes to the reduction of your ecological footprint by activating several levers of sobriety: reduction of delivery distances, limitation of production to what is necessary, optimisation of the use of materials with additive manufacturing, reduction of the land area for storage, reduction of transport and storage costs, reduction of the fiscal impact (stocks and co2)


Combining relocation and resilience

Cybertron provides new distributed production facilities to cope with production contingencies: sudden increases in order books, failure of part of the production facilities or disasters. This allows manufacturers to continue their activity or to scale up in this new production mode. The customer does not suffer any delays and operating losses are limited.


Ecological transition and energy sobriety for a sovereign and resilient national industry

Industrial maintenance of equipment is a key element of productivity and competitiveness. Cybertron allows to increase the rate of availability of spare parts through additive manufacturing while protecting the interests of the manufacturers.

Broad and neutral production means that can be used in all sectors

Secure digitalisation of the supply chain
(automation, certified data, protection of industrial property

Maximum security of the production site, to meet the expectations of any customer
(including the defence sector)

Reduced maintenance costs, including the extension of machine life

Improved productivity by avoiding a temporary shutdown

Reduction of external dependency and relocation of production

Significant reduction of overstocking

Concrete action against waste

Significant reduction of logistical flows


Towards a new method of production

More flexible, resilient, sustainable, efficient & cost-effective


Want to see what your factory will look like tomorrow?

The Vistory team offers you a presentation of the MainChain solution, in video or in our offices in Vélizy-Villacoublay (78), Vannes (56), Bourges (18) or Toulouse (31). Don’t wait to reserve your time!