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Vistory supports and secures the use of additive manufacturing

Additive manufacturing opens the door to increased customisation possibilities and more efficient production processes. The value of 3D printing for medical devices lies in its ability to produce bespoke parts that perfectly meet the needs of patients. It can also help to reduce costs by manufacturing objects faster and more accurately.

However, ensuring the quality and integrity of medical devices is crucial and requires strict monitoring and tracking throughout the production process.

Vistory accompagne et sécurise l’utilisation de la fabrication additive
Utiliser le potentiel de la fabrication additive en toute sécurité
Safely using the potential of additive manufacturing

From the first discussions and trials of 3D printing to the implementation of a production line, Vistory's solutions protect the interests of both manufacturers and patients, for a secure integration of distributed manufacturing.

Controlling counterfeiting risks

MainChain is an operating system for securing intellectual property. It ensures the reliability of data from the design stage through to production, thereby creating a trust relationship between all actors in the value chain. By allowing traceability of all operations, MainChain provides the ability to control the number of products manufactured.

Assurer la sécurité et la traçabilité de données de santé
Ensuring the security and traceability of health data

When manufacturing bespoke medical devices, patient health data is part of the production contract's technical data. MainChain, along with technical production specifications and industrial property, ensures the integrity and traceability of patient health data.


Solutions for a secure integration of on-demand production

Vistory supports your industrial transition to a more cost-effective and sustainable production, based on the customers’ real needs. From designing your first part to integrating a secure on-demand distributed production ecosystem, Vistory assists you step by step.


The operating system, industry 5.0 trusted third party
  • Decentralisation of the production chain
  • Protection of industrial property
  • Production at the right volume, close to the customer
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    Mobile Clinics

    Mobile emergency production units
  • Produce maintenance parts as close to the emergency as possible
  • Gain in operational autonomy
  • Guarantee your industrial property in all circumstances
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    Production of unavailable parts
  • On demand production
  • Any source: 2D/3D files, used or broken parts
  • Delivery within 3 weeks
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    Production of unavailable parts
  • Containerisation of production
  • Mobile production units
  • Industry on demand
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    Vistory, continuous confidence in the medical sector

    Medical device manufacturers already widely use additive manufacturing, particularly for the construction and customisation possibilities it provides. MainChain guarantees compliance with the qualified production process as well as data integrity and traceability.

    Securing production as close to the patient as possible

    Given the challenges of the medical device industry, the safety and security of products is paramount. The transition to distributed or even outsourced production requires the ability to securely control the quality of any manufacturing unit.

    MainChain meets these challenges !

    For the production of medical devices, additive manufacturing driven by the MainChain information system enables:

  • Reduced control times (real time)
  • Reduced delivery distances
  • Infinite customisation possibilities
  • On demand production, unlimited availability
  • Protection and control of industrial property and the manufacturer's interests
  • Preservation of the CE mark regardless of the production site

    In the end, patient satisfaction !
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